Monday, July 30, 2012

All in the details

 It has been weeks of preparation
 lists lists lists of all the do's
There is the offer of a loving home for the guardian dog
another to care for the wild felines with daily food and water
an unexpected offer of brand new luggage
others to water  the plants these hot august days
A ride to the airport with a gracious attitude
 I am not a detail person but
 There is  care of the mail
 connect with family and the vet
 Check flight schedule and boarding passes
 clothes to take and all the vitamins
 A few medications and allergy free foods
 I am packing just right for the airport police
 Bj's bag of food, toys, water treatment and his liver treats
 Type out the inscruction for  emergency numbers
 I am not a detail person.
 Yes, Oh Yes there are keys for the cat person and  the friend person
 that is coming by to keep the house company for a while.
  I know I am going to forget something and leave it behind.
 I  know! The phone charger.
            Details rattle my serenity, Mess with my inner peace
   Then I remember or perhaps discover
           How rich my life is with all the ones who are caring for me while I   am       away.
 So I offer  gratitude for these  details. They clear the way for me to be.
And this blog is one more detail.
.......the wordweaver

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